From the moment I saw this case, I had to build this machine. Not strictly a gamer, but you could have a nice game of snake on it! Intel CPU and Kingston SSD in a dream of a case.

Small light beautiful

The case is beautiful, with a patented (apparently) finish etched into it. It’s cut from a really huge extrusion and then the top and base are seamlessly attached to it. I hab bought a thin mini-itx Asus board previously with the power socket (Same as the old HP for laptops} and had dreams of a completely silent Mini Desktop. The problem is of course the lack of airflow in the case! The Antec low profile fan does a good job of cooling the CPU quietly, but the air just stays in the case and warms the Aluminium. I’m still working on a method to use a CPU fan to blow down and out at the same time…..Like the fans on USFF Dells for example.

Smart aluminium case

I’ve put in a 500 Gb Kingston SSD and 8GB Ram, so it’s no slouch. It will run any office app or video perfectly in HD. It’s made for the appearance, so I don’t think the person buying this will be gaming on it! If you’re interested in this or anything like it please call/text/email and I would be happy to talk to you.

rear showing integrated power socket and HDMI

All of my computers carry a full one year warranty



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