I’ve been building computers a long time, and each one has it’s annoying things and favourite things, but from the moment I turned this computer on, it was instantly my favourite. Also I love this case, it’s a Q500L CoolerMaster case and has a really nice layout …… can you see any cables in this picture? Well obviously the ends of them, but don’t you think it’s a clean interior? the only one that showed in the final build with a RTX3060 was the 6pin Graphics one.

Red glow gaming

Firstly the motherboard: I’ve always been a fan of Gigabyte boards, just the words “Ultra Durable” gives me a warm feeling inside (I know!). But seriously, I still have loads of old G31 Core Duo boards kept because they’re too good to scrap and still work perfectly….any offers? This one takes it to another level with it’s DAC isolated USB out, the four full size PCI-e slots and then to cap it all the beautiful run of red LEDs built on to the board. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Red glow gaming

For me, the best thing about this build was using the extra full length PCI-e slots by adding two M.2 riser cards with two NVME SSDs. Not only using the drives to their full potential, but also making the case Ultra Clean Layout. can you see them now? Just a dinky little red LED to show they’re active. Luvverly!

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